Earn the Sunrise book cover

Earn the Sunrise

Orphaned by the mob. A juvenile delinquent. Together they became epic.

A cruel act of violence forced Avery into a new life. A drunken bender put Colin in juvie-jail. Both were sent to special martial arts camps in the Minnesota wilderness – one to be reformed and the other to hide. Avery became a vengeful weapon of God’s wrath. After a spiritual experience, Colin disciplined himself to develop expert fighting skills.

Colin discovered Avery on a chance meeting while camping. Masquerading as Scouts, each was unaware of the other’s true role as hostage rescue operators. Intrigue arose from their double-lives, dangerous missions, spiritual questions, and romance. Can Colin earn his freedom? Will Avery fulfill her destiny and find justice? Can they save their friend?

Earn the Sunrise is the first book in the contemporary YA action thriller Olive and Arrow series featuring brave characters, poison ivy in all the wrong places, and lots of action.

Combine Richard Wenk’s The Protege with Mark Greaney’s The Grey Man and add romance, a little humor, the spiritual, the unexpected and the wilderness all rolled into one.

Pick up Scott R Hofmann’s brand new adventure Earn the Sunrise to discover this exciting new series today!