Working Title: Deus Ex Mushroom, God from the Mushroom and other Sundry Topics

Greetings from Mason, Michigan!

I want to thank all of you for showing your support. I hope and pray I write a story that entertains and inspires you.  

Just a reminder, you can read the first three chapters of Earn the Sunrise here. You can buy Earn the Sunrise in paperback or eBook. It is also available in Kindle Unlimited.

If you read the book and enjoyed it, please give me an Amazon review. I cannot emphasize enough how important Amazon reviews are to the success of the book.  

One of my favorite Facebook Ads.

Another cold and grey day here in Michigan. Many of my friends head South this time of year, for a respite from the cold and cloudy grey skies. The days are getting longer so Spring is on the way!

I am about 30% done with the Sambisa book, sequel to Earn the Sunrise. Our heroes battle a Boko Haram villain, and I introduced an exotic new character I think you’ll find intriguing. This story also has betrayal, sabotage, subterfuge, and the occasional silliness you have come to expect from Miles and Colin.  

Abubakar Shekau, real-life leader of Boko Haram – inspiration for one of the villains

I started working on a contemporary science fiction thriller – working title Deus Ex Mushroom, God from the Mushroom. Combine The Da Vinci Code with the movie Limitless – add an intelligent rat and Sumerian archeology and you got a story that will take you on a wild ride. This story has nothing to do with the Olive and Arrow series. Will there be action? You better bet there will be. I can’t write anything without Krav moves.

Oyster mushrooms I grew a few years ago. Lots of work but rewarding crop!

In case you haven’t heard me say it, “Krav Maga changed my life!” If you are interested in trying out Krav and you have questions or want advice, please contact me anytime. My school, Spartan Krav Maga, is run by Justin Moore, a police officer who is an actual Krav Maga practitioner of many years himself. He even offers a free class if you want to try it out. Justin also shared a great review about my book here.

Great Logo – Bad Ass!

I read a young adult, science fiction, Scribes’ Descent by Dylan West. It is a great story with an interesting plot and likeable characters. Dylan’s a great author. The main character is a smarter version of Avery, but I know Avery could take her in a fight. I recommend you check it out here.

People have been asking if Earn the Sunrise is a Christian novel? No Christian publisher would ever touch Earn the Sunrise due to the strong language and a conventional publisher would not touch Earn the Sunrise due to the Christian components. Publishers today force an author to choose one over the other. Since I am an independent author, I can violate this false dichotomy of choice. We live in a world governed by Christian morals and sensibilities, so people act in accordance with those standards. I think a story that does not ignore this reality offers a more compelling plot.

I am always happy to hear from you. Reach out on my socials or email anytime. Make yourself stronger, faster, and smarter.

Take Care,

Scott R Hofmann

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