Earn the Sunrise is on Amazon now

There are so many things that have happened since I last posted.

  • Earn the Sunrise is published at Amazon.
  • I passed my Level 1 test in Krav Maga
  • My son, Matt, graduated from college.
  • Finally, my daughter, Katy, returned from Thailand.

Please go purchase Earn the Sunrise at Amazon here.

I received the Earn the Sunrise manuscript from my editor, Matt (not my son), a few weeks ago. Matt provided editing by catching grammatical mistakes and offering good advice about making the manuscript better. I cleaned up the issues and completed the front and back matter. Finally, I formatted the book and submitted to Amazon for publication as an ebook. It should be available on Amazon in two to three days.

Christmas is nearly here and fortunately, I could take some time off from work to catch up on writing. I am working on Colin and Avery’s next adventure, which will take them to Africa. I haven’t figured out the title yet, but this one is going to blow you away. They’re going to encounter one of the most vile human beings to walk the Earth. This operation is going to leave a mark or two. Will everyone make it back from this one? I hope to have it out by December of 2023 so you can find out!

I am also working on finishing a few novellas about Miles’ story and Colin’s first rescue – the llama rescue. I wrote both stories for Earn the Sunrise but I had to remove them to reduce word count. I intend to offer these novellas free to those who sign up for my newsletter. Some readers have asked about a back story for Bud. What characters do you want to learn about? Please let me know on any of my socials or via email.

Since I passed my Level 1 Krav Maga test, I am allowed to train more complex moves and spar with other students. Dion and George have provided me with many great challenges I can channel into my characters. Krav also keeps me in shape. As long as I can hold out, I will train Krav. The beauty of Krav is that it pulls the best techniques from all martial arts and applies the moves pragmatically. No moves are designed to earn points. They are all designed to increase your chances of surviving a threat to your life.

My son Matt, is now the third Spartan continuing a Hofmann Spartan tradition started by my father after graduating from Michigan State University. Following in my footsteps, he is now going to be a computer programmer.

My daughter just returned from a semester of study in Thailand. She’s a junior at Michigan State and decided to go to Thailand. She wants to return to live there. Maybe I should visit to research for a later Olive and Arrow book?

Thank you for following me. I hope I can provide you many new stories to entertain. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Keep safe and stay strong,


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